Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach Cotococha?

The easiest way to reach Cotococha Lodge is over land. Please refer to the location page for routes and driving directions.

How long is the trip from Quito to Cotococha lodge?

It takes 4.30 hours to get from Quito to Tena and about half hour more to get from Tena to the lodge.

Are there luggage restrictions for the Lodge?

No, but you should not bring a lot of baggage if travelling on public transport because busses may not have enough luggage space to store big suitcases.

Could you organize our flight to Tena / Cotococha Lodge?

Unfortunately we are not able to arrange your flight to Tena. Airlines are not operating at the moment.

Can you arrange other tour reservations for us in Ecuador?

Of course we are happy to arrange any other tour reservations for you. We can arrange anything from hotel reservation to fully guided tours or Galapagos Cruises. See the Ecuador Tours page for more information.

What is not included in the price?

Not included are the beverages (these can be paid in cash at the lodge), tips & personal travel insurance.

What about insects and malaria?

There has NOT been any malaria in our area until now. So no prophylaxis will be needed, if you only visit the Sierra and our area. But other rainforest places like Coca and Lago Agrio do have malaria problems, as well as the North coast (Atacames). You should then take medicines with you, if you intend to go to these places.The fact that we do not have malaria does not mean that there are no insects in our area! Therefore, it would be better to protect yourself. Not at night, as everybody thinks, since you can walk around during this time with shorts without any problem, but during the day, when it is advisable to put a repellent on or, better, wear a pair of trousers with socks. The insects that bite during the day are not at all dangerous. They are just unpleasant.

What to bring?

Cotococha Lodge is situated in the Amazon Rainforest so the weather is usually nice and warm but you have to be prepared for light to heavy rains. So bring mainly light clothes and just a few warmer ones for the evenings or when it starts raining. We recommend you to pack following on your trip to Cotococha:

  • Passport (always take a copy as well)
  • Camera Film with flash (high speed films are recommended (200-400 ASA))
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun cream (a high factor is recommended)
  • Lip balm (a high factor is recommended)
  • Light cotton pants
  • Long-sleeved light cotton shirts
  • Shorts
  • Bathing Suit
  • Comfortable shoes and/or sandals for at the lodge
  • Extra pairs of socks
  • Hat or Cap for sun protection
  • Small daypack
  • Plastic bags to protect cameras or films from rain and humidity
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Binoculars (if possible)
Cotococha Amazon Lodge provides:
  • Rubber boots (up to size 46 (European size))
  • Rain coats
  • Life jackets for canoe, balsa and tubing trips on the river

Is there electricity at the lodge?

The cabins do not have electricity. Per cabin two oil lamps are provided at night. The kitchen and the bar do have electric outlets, so if you want to charge any electrical device you ask our staff to take care of it. Our voltage is 110 - 60 Hertz.

Is it possible to make phone calls to my home country?

Yes, from your mobile phone or you can use our own.

Are triple bungalows available?

Triple bungalows are available with no extra charge.

Do you have to bring a certain physical condition?

Some of the trails through the jungle are quite rough so a good physical condition will be beneficial.

Are there medical services available?

There is one big hospital in Tena. Our lodge has communication devices in case of emergency. In case of a severe illness you have to return to Quito.

Are there special meals for people with dietary requests?

Yes, just inform us of your special requirements and our chefs will design a menu for you.

How much should we tip the guide and the crew?

Tipping primarily is a personal matter. However in Ecuador it is very common and if you want to be polite you should tip around 8-10% of the price of the whole package.

What kind of guides does the lodge provide?

The lodge offers three types of guides: Spanish speaking native guides based at the lodge, English speaking guides based at the lodge and a Guide during the whole tour. If you need a special guide we will provide you that service with an extra cost. Please mention it when you fill your booking form.