Excursion To Pimpilala Falls

Hiking and Ascending the falls

The excursion to the Pimpilala waterfalls is an adventurous hiking activity. The Pimpilala Waterfalls are a remarkable series of cascades located at approximately 45 minutes driving distance from Cotococha Amazon Lodge. Here we will hike up, across, through and alongside the waterfalls. On the way down we will hike through primary Amazon rainforest. An expert guide will lead the way and take advantage of any opportunity to teach us about the wildlife and nature we encounter. We will surely come across many interesting plants with poisonous or medicinal properties.

Several parts of the trail are too steep to hike up. The guide will lead the way and connect a safety cord that can be used to climb up the rock face and waterfall. Climbing up through the cascade is exciting and challenging making this an excellent excursion for people in search of adventure and an adrenaline rush. There are three large waterfalls to ascend. After arriving at the final waterfall we will take a break and enjoy a boxed lunch. The final cascade also provides an opportunity to take a refreshing shower.

Depending on the amount of rainfall, the waterfalls can be powerful and some parts of the trail will be quite tough. Climbing up against rushing water and steep rock faces requires a reasonable fitness level and some upper body strength.

The direct distance of the trail is approximately 4.5 km, however, due to the curvy nature of the trail the actual distance covered is close to 8 km. We will leave early in the morning, and the entire hike will last approximately 3 hours.

  • Please note that all itineraries are subject to change and availability without any prior notice.