Sustainable Tourism Operations

Besides a complete client satisfaction, Cotococha Amazon Lodge is fully aware of its responsibility towards the vulnerable Amazon region. We are constantly working on sustainable projects in order to conserve this important area. With your visit to Cotococha Amazon Lodge you contribute to maintain the rainforest and help local communities increase their quality of life. Moreover, Cotococha Amazon lodge is one of the first Amazon lodges certified by Smart Voyager.

Number of employees: 17

Percentage of local employees: 75%

Caring for the wellbeing of the local and global environment: we don't dispose waste in the river or in the forests, and we have made changes to responsibly manage solid and liquid wastes. We don't contaminate the air, we maintain the vegetation inside and outside the lodge, we don't introduce domestic animals into the area or allow guests to bring them to the lodge, and we inform staff and guests on how to avoid negatively impacting flora and fauna in the area.

Our business supports the local community: the majority of employees are from the local area. Our two guides are from the indigenous Quechua group. We contract water and land transportation services from local suppliers, and we help economically by purchasing arts and crafts from native communities, and through the entrance fees for the butterfly garden and the animal rescue center.

We are committed to sustainable tourism and are certified by the Smart Voyager.