Visit The Local Communities

Experience life the Quichua way. Native people from the area where Cotococha Amazon Lodge is located are formally known as the Amazon Quichua. We'll visit a nearby community where we will share with them their daily activities. Once we arrive we will notice the great amount of medicinal plants and fruit trees as well as small yucca, banana, coffee and cocoa plantations.

Quichua women are well known for their typical pottery skills and we will witness a demonstration and learn how to create household utensils. We will also witness the laborious process of making the typical Amazon Quichua's drink "Chicha de Yuca" (grind Manioc drink), this drink is a part of the Amazon Quichua population's daily diet. The drink is made by fermenting process of Manioc using another tubercle called camote (also known as sweet potato). On the shore, they will demonstrate how to pan for Gold, the old fashion way, from the Napo River and also teach us their fishing techniques. The visitor will have an active involvement with the community and their everyday activities - an interesting and rewarding experience.

Indigenous Museum:

Besides of Cotococha Amazon Lodge amazing experience visiting a local community, we'll have the opportunity to learn about the ancient cultural knowledge and wisdom of the Amazon Quichuas visiting a local museum. At this museum one of Cotococha's guides will brief us on how they used to hunt for animals such as birds, rodents and mammals with hand-made traps. These ingenious traps were made with natural materials from the Amazon like plants, trees and mud.

  • Please note that all itineraries are subject to change and availability without any prior notice.